We Are(n’t) Your Friends?


It’s official. Zac Efron’s foray into the world of Dance music with EDM-themed ‘We Are Your Friends’ has been an absolute flop.

WAYF cost $6 million to make, yet had box office takings of $1.8 million across 2,333 cinemas, thereby making it the third worst opening of all time for a new film in the 2,000 cinemas or more bracket. Ouch.

Maybe it’s time to ditch those CDJs and dig out that High School Musical tracksuit, Zac.

Reviews were harsh (but not unfounded), with Peter Travers of Rolling Stone writing “We Are Your Friends never even gets us to break a sweat.” And, as expected, Twitter was harsher. Deadmau5, never one to miss a celebrity cameo in the dance scene, took to Twitter and claimed the flop ‘restored my faith in music’. Not all bad news then.

It seems the Dance music community had only one response to the sugar-coated, EDM-fuelled, ‘gun’-show that was We Are Your Friends..

We aren’t your friends.

Written by: Ysanne Reid


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