That’s Not Good Techno Music!

It’s official. Claire Danes is one of us.

The ‘Homeland’ star appeared on The Ellen Show and recounted her experience at Berlin’s infamous ‘Temple of Techno’ – Berghain, going into detail about her surroundings including naked dancing and the ice cream parlour. Danes at one point goes as far as describing it as ‘the best place ever’. You go Claire.

Danes can be forgiven for letting slip that, with her Hollywood status, she managed to avoid the hawk eye of Sven Marquardt at the main entrance and ‘got to go in the back’. We still love her for being aboard the Techno train.

We can’t forgive whoever chose the ‘Techno Music’ played on the show though, we’re pretty sure that borders dodgy Eurovision Trance. Luckily, Claire Danes knows what’s up, exclaiming ‘That’s Not Good Techno Music!’ before showing us the moves she likes to throw down on a Sunday afternoon session in Berlin.


Ysanne Reid