What’s in the Bag? – Mitch Hobson

Every now and then we like to invite DJs (big and small) to give us a peek inside their record bags and let us know what tracks they love playing out. In the hot seat today we’ve got fellow Londoner and White Label Project resident Mitch Hobson giving us a run-down of his 5 must-hear songs:


Tim Green – Among Wolves

Amazing new atmospheric release from Tim Green on Cocoon Recordings, one of those tracks that really takes you on a journey, a breath taking ultra deep track.
Black Moon – Who Got The Props
 For the old skool hip hop fans, released by Evil Dee in 1993 on Nervous Inc this wicked chill hop track always gets the head nodding.
Nice n Trick & Libe – Body, Mind & Spirit
An absolute roller! Whats not to love about this new release from Nice n Trick, a groovy bassline and the vocals say it all….house music is an expression of soul, body, mind & spirit.
Kitt Zenga – 1015
This track is everything I love about minimal, deep, dark and mystifying. Get lost in this brand spanking new track by Kitt Zenga out on minim.all records.
Pig & Dan Feat Malcolm Duncan – Freefall
A real unwinding chill out track by techno giants Pig & Dan. One of their more mellow releases on Bedrock Records, sit back relax and let the music take you.
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